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  • Riyan Holte


Written by guest Blogger, Mitch Sperte

Over the last several days, I’ve had an opportunity to read many of the beautiful tributes to Dick Ames and the impact he had on so many lives including his adoring family, his employees, his home state, a University and, of course, the Arabian horse community—a larger than life man that left a larger than life legacy. The words that resonate are inspiring and impactful.

There are so many lessons to be learned about the way this man lived his life, but on a personal note, perhaps the biggest lesson I learned from Dick was observing the special relationship he had with his beautiful daughter, Lara. I’ve tried to model this special bond with my own daughter, Lesta … common interests, in and out of the horse world, mutual respect and unconditional love!

We will all miss Dick’s presence, his compassion and the passion he brought to all of his interests. I’ll miss his sense of humor and walking by the Cedar Ridge set-up at the shows as he swept the aisle, always taking the time to say hello and asking how you were doing. If you were lucky, you got to hear his latest joke!

The Arabian show horse business is often referred to as an industry; I prefer to call it a community. A diverse community of many people from many backgrounds who are deeply connected to the magic, courage and talents of these remarkable horses that capture our hearts and imagination. Along this journey of being a horseman are lifelong relationships and friendships that I am eternally grateful for. And on this day I am reminded of the impact Dick Ames had on OUR Community - Our Town! 


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